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Balloon Pricing


We offer many choices to choose from, with 300+ mylar balloons, 70+ themed latex balloons, 30+ solid latex balloons for that themed party or event you are planning.

Balloons, No Inflation, No Ribbon--Available In Store Only

12" Standard Latex--$0.15
12" Pearlized Latex--$0.32


Balloons, Inflation, Ribbon--Available In Store Only

12" Standard Latex--$0.89
12" Pearlized Latex--$1.06
12" Standard Latex (12 count)--$9.39
12" Pearlized Latex (12 count)--$11.49


Other--Available In Store Only

High Float per Latex Balloon--$0.25 each
Latex Balloon Inflation Only--$0.74 each
Mylar Balloon Inflation Only (price dependent on size)--starting at $1.48 each


Want Balloons to Last Longer?

We offer, at an additional cost per balloon, the option to add Hi-Float. Hi-High-Float is an ingenious special aqueous solution containing a watersoluble plastic. It dries inside latex balloons to forma barrier coating which helps hold in helium. This coating greatly increases the floating life of the balloon. It is nontoxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive and biodegradable.

Balloons with Hi-Float--Day 1 Balloons with Hi-Float--Day 21 Balloons with Hi-Float--Day 44


Balloon Weights

To keep your balloons from"flying" away, we also offer 25+ themed and 11 solid foil weights to choose from.

Prices subject to change without notice, subject to availability. Images displayed for visual purposes only and do not represent true size of items.